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Whoa – so it’s November.  How the heck did that happen?

I had planned to write a whole “Hello November” post (I know it’s such a blogging cliche, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em), but the first of the month came and went in the blink of an eye and I never really got round to finding anything to say.

Instead I thought I’d share with you a little recap of what I got up to on the transition period from October to November.  It was a fun packed weekend, with Frozen sing-a-longs, fireworks and fangs (at least for Moogle).

Last week, in my corner of England, was October half term, which is usually one of my favourite school holidays but was mainly spent moping about and trying to deal with the aftermath of what shall be henceforth known as “the day I don’t want to talk about”.

Although I wasn’t feeling up to my usual half term hi jinx, I did still manage to cram in a few activities for the girls, so I don’t think they would have known anything was particularly wrong.

On Friday night, my parents and I took the girls to Crich Tramway museum, for a special evening event.  The trams were all covered in fairy lights and the kids were given free entry if they came along dressed in Frozen or Halloween fancy dress (like my girls need and excuse to dress up!).

When we arrived we were informed that a Frozen sing-a-long show would soon be starting in the marquee, so I dragged the girls up a treacherous set of steps (I’m not sure you could class the event as wheelchair friendly) and settled down to watch the show.

The performance featured all of the well-known Frozen characters – Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans and Olaf – and the girls had a fabulous time singing and dancing along to possibly the most well-known Disney songs ever!  After the singing and dancing there was time for a quick photograph with the performers before heading back down to the main museum.

We got into the queue for one of the trams and I was very excited to see a selection of Doctor Who characters, including a Tenth Doctor lookalike, a cyberman and a Dalek!!!  Moogle was not quite so pleased to see them as she is a little wary of all Doctor Who based things after watching a scary episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

We boarded our tram and I nearly killed myself again trying to hoist the Baby Bug up a very narrow, steep set of stairs to reach to top floor.  Once seated, we very much enjoyed out tram ride through the night (although it was quite creepy at points, driving sightlessly into the black abyss).

After the ride we had a quick bite to eat (hotdogs and doughnuts!) before heading back to the car to get two very sleepy girls to bed.

Saturday night held more winter based adventures as we visited Chatsworth (yes, again) to see the fire garden and fireworks display.  I’ve never been to Chatsworth for fireworks before so I didn’t know what to expect, but I had very high hopes.  Maybe that was the problem for a lot of people – with such high expectations you’re almost bound to feel let down.

I read a lot of reviews on Facebook saying that there was a lot of waiting around and that the entertainment wasn’t up to much. I would have to half agree with them.  There was a lot of standing around waiting – queuing to get in, queuing for food.  There was a stage with entertainment on it, but it was so far away that the kids could hardly see it and so we probably didn’t get the full benefit.

The fire garden was a little underwhelming.  In the past I have attended their Luminere event, which is absolutely stunning with light displays and effects filling the gardens.  This was a lot less impressive.  Just a few torches strategically placed around the borders.

We bought a burger from one of the food stalls, which was absolutely delicious if a little pricey at £6.  We also had a hot chocolate, which was not half as chocolatey as I would have liked.

Having said all that, the time did pass very quickly.  We didn’t get particularly bored and although the fireworks were 15 minutes late, they were certainly worth waiting for.  They were easily some of the biggest fireworks I have ever seen, completely filling the sky with multicoloured sparkles!  Ironically, at this point you were probably better off if you were standing further back as I’ve read a few comments from people saying that the stage obscured their view a bit.

The music which was selected to accompany the firework display was very different to what I had expected, featuring instrumental versions of “Sweet Caroline”, “Thriller” and Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for you”.  I had assumed there would be a lot of classical music, so the modern stuff was actually a nice surprise.

Even though the evening didn’t quite meet my expectations, the girls and I had a lovely time and I’m very glad that we decided to go.  It is an evening I will remember fondly for a long time.  Having said that, at £16 a ticket it was quite pricey and I’d have to think very hard before going next year.  Chatsworth host so many wonderful events – I’m not sure this is one of my top 5!

As we’d been out on Halloween night, we decided to throw a small Halloween party at my parents’ house to give the girls an opportunity to dress up and have some fun.  In previous years, Moogle has picked cute Halloween outfits, such as Tinkerbell and a friendly witch. This year, she explored the (slightly) more scary aspects of the holiday and chose a Vampire Princess costume.  (Although she drew the line at fake blood!)

Bug stayed true to character in a ridiculously cute pink monster outfit.  Bizarrely, she also chose to have her face painted like a pink puppy. She’s just been introduced the to concept of face painting and she loves it.

The kids had a lovely time at the Halloween party.  It was a small affair, with only a few guests but it was still fun.  Mum did a small buffet lunch and the kids played in the gardens and decorated Halloween biscuits.

Overall the weekend was completely hectic and I barely had a minute to think, but it was lovely to make some memories with my little ones and it helped to make the time pass really quickly.  Next weekend, I’m hopefully having more of a relaxing time and I’m have no major plans.  So maybe I can catch up on some of the many, many blog posts I’m supposed to be writing.

Chance’d be a fine thing.

Bye for now!

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