Everybody hurts, sometimes.

So, the situation with my friend has finally been resolved, much to the relief of all of us.  Sadly, the outcome is such that it seems I won’t be able to see my friend for some time.  He has problems that he now needs to work through alone and there is nothing more I can do for him.  I know that although he still has a mountain to overcome, his is very relieved that it’s finally over.  There is no more uncertainty hanging over us.

I’m spending a few days with my family and friends to try and get away from it all for a bit.  It’s been a very long few months and the last month has been particularly difficult.  Everybody involved has been through hell and back and I personally think it’s time to let it go. (No, I’m not going to break into song).  But I do believe that eventually you have to forgive and move on.  We can’t change what has happened, so we may as well learn from it and continue as best we can.

Still, we all have responsibilities and things that we have to remain focussed on, even when it’s hard.  For me, it’s my girls who need me to hold everything together for them.  They are (as children should be) blissfully unaware of the chaos swirling around them and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way.

I know if my friend was here he would tell me to keep my chin up.  That the end is really now in sight and we can begin to put this behind us.  He’d say we’ve been strong for so long, we can go on just a little longer.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re scared and alone, remember that you never know what the future holds.  We just have to keep going, doing the best we can.  Don’t let your problems define you.  Let them shape you into something better than you ever thought you could be.

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