“Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 1 – What Did You Eat For Breakfast?

I spotted this Photo challenge in my WordPress reader and, as I just happened to have taken this picture, I decided to play along.

Today’s theme is “What did you eat for breakfast?” and my answer is this little delectable morsel.

It’s a leftover Krispy Kreme Chocolate something-or-other donut (I know, leftover donuts – who’s heard of such a thing?)

It was fluffy and gooey and chocolately and ridiculously delicious.  It was also, no doubt, stupidly unhealthy but nobody eats donuts for the health benefits.  Unless you count the happy feelings that come from tucking into one of these babies.

Om nom nom – now I want another one!

Head over the Hugh’s blog to see more photos or even take part yourself!

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