Arrgh – A Pirate Party

Another month, another party, this time for my little baby bug who recently turned two.  I would normally spend weeks carefully planning my parties down to every detail, but I’m ashamed to say this time round I just wasn’t feeling it.  I ended up with the challenge of planning and prepping a children’s party in less than 48 hours.

I was quite excited as I got to step away from my comfort zone of Princess and Fairytale parties and branch out into the wide world of themed parties.  Bug is a huge fan of the CBeebies programme “Swashbuckle” which has given her a love of all things “pirate”.

We decided to hold the party at a local leisure centre.  We held two of Moogle’s parties there.  They have a fabulous inflatable “fun tunnel”, a ball pit and a whole host of other soft play equipment.  It’s perfect for all of the little ones, while still holding enough excitement for the older siblings.

I decided to take it easy on the decoration, partly because of the time constraints and partly because the kids spend most of the time playing in the soft play area and don’t really care if there are banners and such.  I did find some “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” plates and napkins on sale in Tesco, which were my one nod to the theme.

The goody bags were made up of toddler-friendly sweets, like Flumps and little Milky Way bars.  They also included little pirate toys, such as a compass, eye patch and notebook and pencil.

The cake was a treasure chest with sweetie jewels and chocolate coins spilling out.  I found a design from Pinterest that I liked, and used my favourite chocolate cake recipe as the base.  I covered the cake with pink fondant icing and then added details in a deeper pink to try and give a treasure chest effect.  To say I basically made it the day before the party, I was quite pleased with the result.  And the kids didn’t have any complaints.

Everyone at the party seemed to have a lovely time.  The whole family was there – parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and very close family friends. Children and grown-ups alike took advantage of the play equipment and had a good mess around. We all made a huge effort to give Bug a very special day, protected from all the drama that surrounds us.  It sometimes takes a lot of effort to put on a brave face and act like nothing is wrong, but I’m determined that the girls will know as little as possible about the troubles of the past few years.  They’re tiny and innocent and will hopefully grow up blissfully unaware that their home life was less than ideal.

I think Bug enjoyed her first proper party (if you don’t count the bit where she hit another child for absolutely no reason).  I’ve got lots of lovely photos and memories to share with her when she’s older and I can’t wait to plan some more parties for her in the future.  I promise to spend a bit longer on the next one!

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