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One of the things that I’ve learnt since starting my blog is that reading and interacting with other people’s blogs is equally as important as writing your own.  By reading other people’s posts and commenting on that, you begin to form part of a community.  You always sometimes start up conversations that give you inspiration for new posts.

My main method of keeping track of the blogs I like is through Bloglovin.  I love the easy way it lists all of the new blog posts that you are following.  You can easily view the posts by blog, or by most recently uploaded.  I also love the easy way you can mark a post as read, so it doesn’t appear in your list again (unless you love it and save it).  I haven’t figured out how to do that in the WordPress reader yet, so I always prefer to follow people on Bloglovin if I can.

For this post, I thought I would share with you a few of the blogs that I’m currently addicted to.  These are in no particular order and are only a few of the blogs that I follow – so please don’t be offended if you’re not on there.

Lauren’s Looks


I can’t really remember how I first found Lauren’s Looks but I’m certainly glad I did.  When I’m reading a blog I like to feel like I’m getting to know the person behind the writing.  Nowadays, a lot of blogs can seem a bit clinical – like they’re just one long advert.  What I like about Lauren is that she comes across as a very normal girl.  She writes about beauty, fashion and the usual stuff but also gives advice and writes about more personal topics (not forgetting her gorgeous cupcake recipes)  I’m also a big fan of her Instagram where she’s bound to have some lovely photos (although the food/drink ones usually make me hungry!)

Bethany Georgina


This is another blog where you can always find a variety of posts, from lifestyle to beauty, blogging to advice.  Bethany’s blog is really well written and is very interesting to read.  I also feel like her writing style is very “real”, she gives her honest views and opinions and I really feel like I get to know her a bit when I read her posts.  And that’s one of things that is almost certain to get me coming back to read more.

Hannah Gale


If you’ve read any of Hannah’s posts you will probably know that she is well known for writing “list” posts.  This lists can be about almost anything, but they’re usually very funny as well as surprisingly accurate.  But that’s not actually why I have her on my must-read list.  I just love how down to earth her writing is.  She writes a lot of beauty and fashion posts, but they’re always done with her own unique voice – which makes them stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter beauty reviews.  Oh and she swears – in her blog posts!  Which, for someone who swears like a soldier (do they swear a lot? – it’s just a saying) is really refreshing.

I could probably list more blogs I love but I don’t want to go on forever.  And there are even more blogs I love on my WordPress reader or by email subscription but maybe I’ll show you those in a different post.

I obviously couldn’t write this post without a shameless plug for my own blog, so I’d love it if you could come and follow me on Bloglovin.  You can use the website even if you don’t have a blog of your own – its just a really convenient place to keep track of the blogs you love.  All you have to do is create an account ( you can link it to other social media) and you’re off!  You’ll also be able to keep track of posts I’m reading so you might find new blogs you never knew about.

Oh, and if you have a blog on Bloglovin please leave me a link in the comments below.  I love finding new blogs to follow.

See you soon

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