Life through my iPhone lens – The birthday edition

I’ve been meaning to do a birthday review post for a while now, but I couldn’t really think of an interesting way to do it.  I first saw a “Through the iPhone lens post on Lauren’s Looks and thought it was a really nice idea.  I try and post regularly on Instagram but I still always have stacks of photos hanging around in my Camera roll. So, I’ve decided to go back through my phone and use some of the birthday photos that I haven’t shared with you yet.

  1. My first birthday night out.  It’s been years since I had a proper “night out” for my birthday so I was very much looking forward to a party night with the girls.  You can’t beat good food, cocktails and dancing on the tables.
  2. The Before photo. I take a ridiculously long time to get ready, even in girl time. I actually drove for over an hour to pick up my best friend, looking like this, so that I could get a jump start on the preparations. It was a good job I did – we got stuck in horrendous traffic and arrived at my house with only 10 minutes to spare!
  1. I was overwhelmed with how many of my friends actually agreed to come along and celebrate my birthday. Even my sister was shocked – she had blackmailed her friends to come along by telling them I didn’t have any friends of my own! Here’s a photo with my two oldest and best friends – there were 23 people in my group, so I guess my sister was wrong.

  1. I was lucky to get some truly beautiful presents.   My Mum and Dad bought this gorgeous Rotary watch, as they thought I should have a proper watch now I’m 30. I personally thought this was a terrible idea as I’m bound to lose or damage it. Only time will tell who’s right.
  1. For some reason, a lot of people bought me wine and chocolates. I don’t know why. Am I that predictable? 😉
  1. On my actual birthday, I decided to go to Chatsworth – yes, I know I always go there but it’s free! As I was walking around the house I discovered a secret room had been opened. This is the Sabine room (with a terrible quality picture) and as it forms part of the Duke and Duchess’s private rooms it is hardly ever open to the public.

  1. Went for a traditional afternoon tea at Chatsworth as usual, but made it extra special with a cheeky glass of Pimms (My first of many this week!). The staff at the restaurant are actually starting to recognise us (we’re there so often) and so they brought out a special birthday muffin for me – and sang Happy Birthday! Made my day!
  1. I used some of my birthday money to add to my new obsession – vintage reproduction dresses by Lindy Bop. This is one of my latest additions – isn’t it gorgeous??
  1. Birthday night out #2 – cocktails with the girlies. Things got a little messy after 3 sangrias and 4 cocktails – plus free samples, but it felt lovely to have a good giggle and let my hair down.

  1. The birthday celebrations ended a week and a bit after they began, with a BBQ at my parent’s house. More yummy food (more Pimms!) and more presents! Oh – and this lovely white chocolate birthday cake!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed turning 30 so far and I’ve definitely enjoyed all of the added attention.

I am finding this month to be a little hectic though. Work isn’t behaving itself and there’s so much to do around the house – I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a blogging holiday. I’m not going to stop posting altogether (which should be obvious, based on this post). However I am going to take a little step back, possibly posting once or twice a week during the summer holidays.

I’m hopefully putting a whole new blogging schedule together for September – I think it might help to have a new pair of eyes and a whole different outlook.

See you soon! Have a lovely Summer.


    • admin says:

      It really was – and I’m not really a cake person. I don’t normally celebrate my birthdays but figured I only turned 30 once. Although I enjoyed it so much I might have to keep it up next year…

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