Why becoming a Mum makes you appreciate your own

Urgh – I have been a rubbish daughter this week. It was my Mum’s birthday on Wednesday and I didn’t really put in any kind of special effort.  I was too wrapped up in my own troubles to concentrate on anything else.  I didn’t make her (or buy her) a birthday cake, I forgot to help Moogle make a birthday card and the birthday blog post I had planned sat in my draft folder the whole week.  I was too busy/lazy/fed up with the futility of my own existence to be bothered to finish the post and hit “Publish”.

So, I’d be really grateful if we could all hop in our time machines and pretend that this was posted on Wednesday 15th July, as intended.

Today is my Mum’s birthday (see what I did there!).

I’m not a particularly soppy person.  I will always choose the funny birthday card over the sentimental one and I don’t like being overly sentimental.  So trying to come up with a Mum’s birthday post, that was nice but not smooshy and sickly was pretty difficult.

My Mum and I probably have a very normal mother-daughter relationship.  I know I can tell her anything and she’ll support me, but at the same time living together was a nightmare and we could argue like cats and dogs.  (Throw my little sisters into the mix and it could be outright warfare – poor dad!)

We’d argue over the usual things.  She wanted me to tidy my room.  I didn’t.  Typical teenage girl stuff.  I spent most of my childhood longing for the day when I could move out and do exactly as I pleased.

When I eventually did move out, at the ripe old age of 19, it was amazing how quickly our relationship improved.  Turns out when we’re not getting under each other’s feet we actually get on quite well.

But I still didn’t really realise just how important Mums are until I became one myself.  Here are just a few of the things I didn’t know until I became a Mum.

1) Your mum will worry about you.  Every day.  For the rest of your life.  Whether you’re going on a school trip, going on your first holiday alone or buying a house, they will worry themselves sick that something will harm the little person they nurtured and love more than anything.  So sometimes if you think they’re being unreasonable – they’re just scared you’re going to get hurt.

2) Children are annoying. I’m not joking. And they very quickly learn every single button to press that will wind you up and make you want to scream. And then they press them. On a daily basis. It’s a testament to the strength of the maternal instinct that any children make it past the age of 5!

3) Mums are people too! You know that feeling when you just can’t be bothered? Mums get that. They want to veg out on the sofa rather than making dinner. They want to watch the soaps rather than read you your favourite story for the 10th time. But they don’t.

4) Mums usually do know best. Of course there will be the odd time where we’re just being unreasonable but don’t want to admit it. But as a general rule, if your mum says something is bad for you, you probably want to listen to her. Or prepare for “I told you so”.

5) Mums will be proud of your every little achievement.  Whether you’ve just learnt to ride a bike or just started your own business, Mums love an excuse to be proud of their offspring and they’re not bothered who knows it.

6) Mums will do anything for you.  They might moan, they might complain that they’re over-worked, but secretly all mums hope their babies will always need them and they relish any opportunity to show it.

7) Good Mums make the very best grandparents.  End of.

I’m sure I could go on, but it’s late and so I won’t.

All that’s left to say is Happy (Belated) Birthday Mum.  Thanks for everything.  Just know that we all appreciate you, even if we don’t always show it.

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