Unfinished Projects

One of my least marketable personality traits is that I can be….err….how should I put this politely….scatty.  Yes, let’s go with scatty.

What I mean by this is that I have this annoying habit of starting projects and then not finishing them.  Nothing major, just little craft projects or home organization stuff.  Sometime these projects take a few months to finish.  Others have been known to take years.  Some are still unfinished.

I have decided to make myself a solemn vow, I will not start any more “little projects” until I have completed my outstanding ones.

The projects I have highlighted for completion are:

1) My journal.  I used to write an entry religiously each night but at the moment the last entry reads 21st February.  I have been keeping bullet points of each day in my planner, to help me remember what happened.  I need to knuckle down and catch up to the current date so I can get back to journalling properly.

2) My new colouring book.  I don’t expect to finish every single page, but I would like to get the one finished that I’ve already started.

3) My photo wall.  I took down a lot of the photos on my wall, for obvious reasons, in a fit of rage after a conversation with my ex-husband.  I always meant to re-fill the frames with new photos but never really got around to it.  Now that I’ve mellowed and calmed down I feel ready to finish the gallery wall.  I’ve bought new frames in preparation and just need to pick the photos to go in them.  I may even include a few of the girls with my ex.  He is still their daddy after all.

4) My Christmas sewing sampler.  This is becoming a bit of a joke in my household.  I bought a beautiful, personalised sampler pack when Freya was born.  It has her name on it, surrounded by Christmas images.  This was about 4 years ago and it’s still not finished.  I absolutely have to get it done for this Christmas if I don’t want to be a complete laughing-stock.

I do already have a my next few projects lined up.  I recently bought a Engraver Art kit (I posted on Instagram recently) and also a Chatsworth sampler, but I’m not starting them – heck, I’m not even taking them out of the carrier bag until all other projects are finished.

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