The Weekend Review

Phew – so, bathed, hair washed, legs shaved and at least ready in body, if not in spirit to go back to work tomorrow.

The half term has been a pleasant one.  Nothing too strenuous.  Just spending time with my babies, enjoying a much needed break.

This weekend, however, has been a little more on the hectic side – which is pretty normal really.

We started, as always, with an early Saturday morning acting class for Freya.  The current show they are rehearsing for is “The Little Mermaid Jr” and on Saturday I got to see her try on some of her costumes (little lobster = sooooo cute) and run through the opening number “Fathoms Below”.  She knew loads of the choreography and was so adorable – I’m really impressed, if a little biased!

After rehearsal, we drove over to Derbyshire to visit my very best friend in the whole world, who until recently had lived in London but now (Thank God!) moved up to be near me (at least that’s what I tell myself).

She lives near a ridiculously cute part of Derbyshire called Ashbourne, which we had a quick walk through and now I have to go back for a better look one day.  It was so pretty and quaint. I bloody love Derbyshire.

We started out by going to the park.  Luckily Faith’s little sister was there so we weren’t completely outnumbered by children – that would have been flipping awful.  But we all have a quick run around, the kids let off some steam and then it was time to go.  Poppy found it really tricky as she wanted to do the same as all the big kids, but she’s still a tad on the small side.  Still, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Speaking of Faith’s sister – it literally feels like she was 8 when I last saw her.  And now, she just qualified to be a doctor.  A doctor!  How the heck did that happen?  It seriously freaks me out that she is so much younger than me, and already 100 times more successful.  I didn’t even finish my degree and I wasn’t studying medicine!

After the park, we were treated to a very delicious BBQ by Faith’s sister-in-law. Yet more children!  I think I need to schedule some mummy-meet-ups where we leave the kids with the daddies!  There was barely time for a coffee, let alone any proper chatting.

We headed back to Faith’s where we watched “Beauty and the Beast”, but all the kids were starting to get grumpy and tired (and that’s not including the mothers!) so I decided to drive them home.

It was a fabulous day with old friends and I can’t wait for the next one.

Sunday was much more chilled out.  We, of course had the obligatory trip to Chatsworth which we haven’t done yet this half term.  The girls had their usually afternoon tea but I decided to try something different and had Thai Salmon fishcakes followed by Chocolate and Salted Caramel desserts.

Then, this evening, me and Freya were both feeling a little depressed over school starting again tomorrow so we decided to have a cheeky Pizza Hut picnic for tea.I am literally piling on the weight at the moment so I do need to start being careful.  But I guess the diet starts tomorrow.

Now the girls are tucked up in bed and I’m enjoying some quiet mummy time, preparing for tomorrow.  Heigh ho, its back to work we go.

Wish me luck – night all

Stacey x

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