The 10 (Unofficial) Commandments of Parenting

Thus spaketh me – to be taken with a sizeable pinch of salt….

1 – Thou shalt not worship false parenting gurus. Read as many books as you like, but remember every child is different and you should trust your own instincts when it comes to your child.

2 – Thou shalt create a routine for your child and break it at every opportunity – flexibility is a key skill in life – teach it to your child now!

3 – Thou shalt use babysitters/grandparents and take days off whenever you need to. Likewise, use electronic entertainment or bribes to get 5 minutes peace – you’re only human.

4 – Honour your mother and father….suddenly you understand how tough being a parent is.

5 – Thou shalt not murder your child, no matter how tempted you may be. No matter how many sleepless nights you’ve had or how many times they’ve asked “Are we nearly there yet?” You’ll almost definitely regret it later.

6 – You shall not love another’s child more than your own, even if they are more intelligent, beautiful, talented or just plain well-behaved than yours.

7 – Thou shalt not miss your child’s bedtime story because you just had to stay late at work and make one more phone call. What will you wish you had done more of when you’re on your deathbed?

8 – Thou shalt not judge another mother in a supermarket for losing her temper with her children. You haven’t seen what she’s been through for the past day and let’s be honest – we’ve all been there

9 – Thou shalt not covet another mother’s lifestyle. Yes, she may look pristine every time she leaves the house, have a post-pregnancy body to die for and be pushing around the latest Bugaboo pushchair with Prada change bag, but you don’t know what her life is like behind closed doors.

10 – Above all, thou shalt not be too hard on yourself. You are currently undertaking the hardest task in the whole world – raising another human being – and you’re doing a wonderful job.


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