My Perfect Pamper Routine

So, my parents went on holiday for 17 days.  I know, how inconsiderate of them.  17 days where I had consecutive custody of my children, without so much as a whisper of a day off.  I realise that some mothers would be shocked at the concept of looking forward to a day (or two) without their offspring, but I am not one of them.  My days off, where I get to act like an actual, functioning adult are usually the only things that keep me sane.

They came back yesterday.  At the earliest opportunity I dropped the girls off for a sleepover with their Nana and Grandad.  I know, I’m a horrible mother – sue me.

I headed back home, pronto, and did the only thing a sane women in my situation would do – I had a serious pamper session.

To begin with I treated myself to an incredibly unhealthy meal from the local chip shop and an alcoholic beverage or two.  And then the pampering began in earnest…

STEP 1:  The bubble bath

My ideal pamper evening always starts with a long, luxurious soak in a bubble bath.  I run the water as hot as I can stand it, until the bath is practically overflowing.  I prefer to use a Lush bath bomb, if I have one (look out for my Lush post coming soon) but sadly I’d run out.  I used my Bayliss and Harding Relaxing lavender bath foam and settled down with a good book, for some blissful relaxation.

While in the bath, I also took this opportunity to wash my hair and shave my legs – but I thought I’d spare you that photo.  You get the idea.

STEP 2: The face

When on a pamper session, I usually spend the most time on my face.  My daily facial skincare routine is patchy at best, so I like to make a bit of extra effort when I get the time.

I start by giving my face a quick clean using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water.  Then it’s time to break out the big guns, using my two most expensive products.  I really love Dermalogica, but it is pretty pricey.  There is no way I could afford to buy the entire range of products, but I did pick my two favourites and treat myself.

First, I use the Dermalogica Pre-cleanse, followed by the Daily Microfoliant to make sure that my face is really clean and every trace of makeup is gone.

Afterwards, comes my favourite part – the face mask.  I have a pretty good selection of face masks now, for everything ranging from dry skin to blemish control.  This time I decided to go for the Quick Fix Mega Moisture mask, as I often struggle with dry, flaky skin.  Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and my face feels completely refreshed.

I finish off by using a toner (currently Champneys Gentle Conditioning Toner) and then apply a good layer of the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night gel to help keep my skin moisturised through the night.  I also added a small amount of the Clinique Blemish gel to any problem areas.  Last but not least, I gave my lips a bit of attention with the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub.  It’s an exfoliant for your lips and it smells so yummy I have to remind myself not to eat it!

If I was feeling really thorough then I’d probably use a body lotion or maybe even a fake tanner, but this time round I decided to skip straight to my most enjoyable part of the pampering – my nails.

STEP 3 – Nails

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that I always feel better when I have a nice coat of paint on my nails.  No matter what the rest of me looks like, my nails make me feel more together.

I start by giving my nails a quick trim and file and then apply a base coat of the Sally Hansen Double Duty Top and Base coat.  Picking a colour varnish is always so hard – I have so many.  As I’m off work this week I thought I’d go for something a bit bolder than I would normally choose.  After much deliberation I eventually chose Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in “Sugar Apple”.  Then it’s time for another coat of the Sally Hansen, just to give some protection and shine.

So, there you have it – I’m feeling all pampered and glamorous.  And very, very relaxed.  Ready for a week off with my precious cherubs.

What do you like to do to pamper yourself?  Do you have any products you would recommend?  Leave me a comment in the section below.

Stacey xx

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