30 things for my 30th Year – A roundup so far


You may remember that a while back I mentioned that this year I would try to do 30 different activities to celebrate my 30th birthday. If you haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m talking about then you probably need to check out this post here and do a bit of catching up of your own.

Somehow, we’re almost half way through my 30th year and I can’t say that I’m doing particularly well. I’m only on number 5 so far, although I do have a few lined up in the next couple of months.

I had planned on doing an individual post for each one, but to be honest for some of them there really isn’t that much to say. So here is a round-up of the 30 things so far:

  • The Old Vic’s The Crucible – see the full post here
  • Sing-a-long-a-Frozen.

This was a special Freya and Mummy day out. I like to do these occasionally as I think it’s nice for Freya to get my undivided attention. Too often I have to say “Not now, Poppy needs feeding” or “Mummy’s busy changing Poppy” so I like Freya to know she is my priority sometimes.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect before we got there, although we knew that we would be watching the singalong version of Frozen in a theatre with hundreds of other screaming mini-Elsas. I won’t lie – I was kind of dreading it.

When we arrived we were given a bag of props which would be used during the show. The “props” consisted of a grey balloon, a paper doily, a paper crown (like you’d get in a Christmas cracker) and a clapper thing like you get in kiddie’s party bags. I was underwhelmed and the day was starting to look like a bit of a con.

The show started with an introduction from a guy dressed as the shopkeeper from Frozen (Yoohoo, big summer blowout – you know the one I mean). He explained how we should use the items in our goody bag. The crown was for when Elsa was at her coronation (and should be thrown off at the appropriate time. The clapper thing was for when somebody was cold, or to replicate the sound of running hooves. The paper doily was a snowflake (obviously!) and should be waved around whenever Elsa was doing magic. The balloon (my personal favourite) was a sleeping troll.

Just before the film started we were visited by the “real” Elsa and Anna who came on stage and interacted with the kids a bit. They also turned up now and again during the film to act out various scenes and encouraged the children to join in.

Once the film started it took Freya a while to get into the swing of things but by then end she was commanding me to pass her the relevant prop at the correct time …. “snowflake” (waves snowflake), “clapper” (Shakes clapper vigorously) and so on… it was actually really funny and I got into it too. I tried to predict what she would ask for next. I felt like a nurse in an operating room.

The best part was obviously when everyone sang Let it Go at the top of their lungs and we all left with big smiles on our faces. I had to take back all of my earlier complaints and admit that it was a fantastic show that really made the children feel like they were part of their favourite film – I would highly recommend it to anyone with little Frozen fans.

  • Olly Murs – Never Been Better concert.

I don’t go to many concerts. There aren’t many singers or bands that I’m wildly passionate about and I’m really more of a musical girl. Give me the bright lights of Broadway any day. Having said that, when my sisters said they were booking to see Olly Murs it sounded like it could be fun and so I decided to tag along.

I felt a little guilty as I wasn’t really looking forward it the concert that much. In fact, by the time it came around I probably would have given my ticket to someone else with the smallest amount of encouragement. The tickets we had were in the standing section and I started to think that I was probably a bit too old for this stuff!

Again, I was wrong – the concert was really good. Mr Murs is a fabulous performer but still comes across as quite down to earth and approachable. As I’m not a huge fan there were quite a lot of songs I didn’t know – it became something of a joke between me and the other girls. But I did have a good bop along to the ones that I was familiar with.

I even quite enjoyed the whole “standing room only” thing. It really made me feel like I was part of the atmosphere. We were surrounding by a couple of groups of loonies, which was interesting, but we didn’t let that spoil the evening. If anything it just added to the entertainment.

  • Chatsworth Horse Trials

I feel it’s cheating slightly to include this in my 30 things, as it is something I do every year, but I’m running out of ideas, so sue me.  The Horse Trials are not (as we often joke) a place where naughty horses are tried for their crimes), but a competition for horses running, jumping and other general show-offery,

The majority of people there are obviously very into horses.  You can tell by the way they dress and act like they’re surrounded by this kind of stuff every day.  For the rest of us peasants, it’s fun to see the horse events, there are nice stalls to check out with lots of country wear that’s pretty much out of my price range and there are various activities for the kiddies.  Oh and there’s food…lots and lots of yummy food stalls that always leave me feeling sad that I can’t eat all of it.

This year the weather was lovely (unlike previous trips) but carting two children around did take some of the fun out of it.  Still, Freya got to go on a bouncy castle and Poppy loved watching the showjumping.

And that’s everything that I’ve done so far this year.  There’s another, longer post coming up soon about the next activity – when we took a trip to a Magical Ice Festival – Disney style!!

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