The Easter Weekend Review

Easter completely crept up on me this year.  I know every blogger is saying it at the moment – but how on earth did we get to April?  It’s like I blinked and missed a quarter of the year.  I don’t think it’s helped that Easter has fallen right smack at the beginning of the Easter school holidays so I don’t really feel like I’ve had time to prepare.

To make matters worse, as so often happens during the school holidays, I have come down with a lovely cold, which is making me feel all drained and pathetic so I’m hardly making the most of the holidays.  Still, we do what we can.

Good Friday was a very leisurely start to the Easter break.  Freya wanted to spend the day playing in her newly kitted out playroom, which meant I spent most of the day downstairs trying to keep the baby bug entertained.  Which in turn meant watching a ridiculous amount of Sofia the First.  If you watch it too much, it becomes really difficult not to start ripping apart some of the flakier plot points.  Not to mention singing all of the songs.

Easter Saturday started off with my least favourite of things – a child’s birthday party.  These are great for the mums with older children, who can get a coffee and a quiet hour while the kids run riot, but I spent 2 solid hours trying to stop people squashing Bug while she tried to play with the big kids.  Not my idea of a peaceful morning.

The afternoon was much better though as we headed off for a late trip to Chatsworth.  We normally get there first thing in the morning, and discovered that the house is practically empty after 3pm.  It was blissful.

The sunshine also put it’s hat on for a while and came out to play so we got to have a lovely walk around the gardens – something else we haven’t done in a while.  Freya moaned practically the whole time that she couldn’t walk very far – but I think the fresh air and exercise did us all some good.

Easter Sunday became a day of starting new traditions.  We had a lovely Easter lunch and then I had a quiet afternoon at home with the kiddies, playing with their toys and watching films.

Our Easter haul

For tea we had “dippy eggs” – very appropriate, I thought, followed by a crummy cherry pie.  Easter eggs and gifts were exchanged and now I’m enjoying a relaxing evening (still struggling with that cold) and might treat myself to a bit of my Green and Blacks Butterscotch egg later.

I suppose, technically, the weekend isn’t over until tomorrow, so I’ll include it now.  My sisters have kindly offered to take the babies out for a while so I plan to have a nice, adults only day.  I might take myself out for a while, or might be lazy and hang around the house.  We shall have to see….

How have you spent your Easter?  Do you have any special family traditions?  Leave a comment in the section below.

Happy Easter everybody!

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