Proud mummy moments – A weekend review

Well, what do you know?  There’s another weekend over and done with in the blink of an eye.  I think I need another couple of days off to recuperate

It started off with a lovely day out to Chatsworth.  I had been looking forward to the Friends Preview Day for ages, a special day when Chatsworth is open to cardholders only.  So imagine my disappointment when I discovered that they’d done it a day early and I’d missed it this year.  Gutted!

Still, I didn’t let that ruin my day.  We had a lovely breakfast of sausage cobs, browsed the treasures in the shop (I got a lovely print – see below), and then went for a leisurely stroll around the house.

There is currently an exhibition in place in Chatsworth House called “Make Yourself Comfortable”, with lots of interesting chairs that you can try out.  They’re weird, wacky and innovative and Freya loved them, especially the ones that spun you around.

Then it was time for a lovely afternoon tea (You’d think we’d be bored of them by now) before heading home.

A sumptuous Chatsworth feast

This weekend was also showtime for Freya’s youth theatre group’s production of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Saturday was the dress rehearsal and the first show, and then two more shows on the Sunday.  Most of the rest of the weekend was spent ferrying Freya to and from the theatre and making sure she had everything she needed.

I got to watch the show on Sunday afternoon and I was so proud.  I’ll admit – I shed a little tear.  Freya really knew the songs and dances and gave an energetic and enthusiastic performance.  I think she’s a chip of the old block.  She did such a good job but she was shattered afterwards.  It’s a hard life in show business.

During all the theatrical excitement we did manage to fit in time to make an Easter bonnet for the school disco tomorrow – I finally had a reason to buy a glue gun, so I was very excited.  Apparently Freya has acquired my competitive nature as she was sure her hat is going to win the prize, no matter how much I tried to convince her that winning doesn’t matter (yeah, right!)

The prize-winning (we hope) Easter bonnet

After all the hustle and bustle I’m enjoying a quiet night in, with a glass of vino and Veronica Mars.  Here’s hoping for a quieter weekend next week!

What did you do this weekend? Was it peaceful or stressful?  I love to hear from you – leave a comment below.

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