A Weekend Review

Where did that weekend go?  I mean, seriously, did I blink and miss it?  I’m sat here on Sunday night, frantically trying to get some of my housework done so that I don’t feel the whole weekend was a total write-off and I can’t believe that another weekend has come and gone and I’m back to work tomorrow morning.

It’s been a very social weekend, which is always kind of tricky for me as I’m secretly a really antisocial person who tends to be more comfortable with her own company than other people’s.  I guess I’m just a closet loner.

On Friday night an old school-friend came over for a catch-up.  We talked for the whole evening about me and my problems, so much so that I realised I hadn’t asked her how she was at all!  That’s terrible right?  How self-absorbed am I?  I owe her a night for her to off-load and rant soon.

She also gave me some advice on how to go self-hosted on WordPress.  I’m looking to step-up the blog a bit and I’d really appreciate any advice from other bloggers on the pros and cons of changing the set-up of this blog.  Are you self-hosted?  Or not?  What helped you to make your decision?

On Saturday morning it was time for my eldest princess to go to her theatre group.  It’s showtime next week and so she had a two and a half hour rehearsal.  I dropped her off and then headed home to await my next guests.

We had a lovely visit from my best friend, her hubby and their absolutely gorgeous little girl (and I’m not just saying that because she’s the only person I know who reads my blog – she genuinely is a poster-child for the cherubic baby)

It was a long day – three small children can really wind you down (and wind you up), but it was lovely to see them.  The family have recently moved up from London and it means it’s much easier for us to get together.  Watching all of our little girls playing together reminded me of all the plans we used to make for our future.  Looks like at least some of them might come true.

We ate two meals together, coerced the babies into having naps, tried to keep them all entertained for the day and I was educated in the finer details of Rugby (I think I could quite get into it).  There were a few temper tantrums (some from me) and a poop incident that I may tell you about one day, but you probably actually don’t want to know.

As the day winded down and bedtime drew near, it was time for us to have cuddles and say goodbye.  It was nice knowing it will only be a couple of weeks before we see each other again, rather than a few months.

I was completely shattered by the time my girls were tucked up in bed so I achieved very little that night.  Ah well.

This morning was frantic, after I realised the birthday party that I thought was 12noon – 2pm was actually 10am – 12noon!  Which left me absolutely no time to pick up a present.  Which makes me a terrible mother…seriously I have got to get my act together . I should be ashamed!

We made it to the party, just in time, and luckily I found a tenner in my purse and a spare birthday card in my greeting cards box.  Then I stood around with the other mummies while Freya had a good runaround, ate party food and ice-cream and had her face painted.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – I hate childrens’  parties.  I love planning them but hate attending them.  I get so bored.  But, the fact that I stand there, bored out of my skull makes me feel like a good mummy so I keep going.  I need all the mummy points I can get.

It was such a beautiful day that we just had to take advantage of the sunshine.  We had a lovely family trip to Carsington Water, where both girls got to play on the playground and burn off some energy.

Now the kiddies are tucked up in bed and I’m trying to cram as much work into one evening as I can, while fighting off the fact that I would really like to go to sleep.  So I’m signing off to go and get some work done.

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