When do I get my Mothers’ Day?

This is not the post I had in mind hen I sat down to write. It happens like that sometimes. 

As I’m sure most of you will know, today is Mothers’ Day.  This is the day when we show our appreciation for our mothers by frantically rushing around buying flowers, chocolates and over-priced candles. (Wow, that came out more cynical than I expected)

But seriously, for 24 years I towed the line and made a fuss over mummy dearest, with the help of my two younger sisters.  We always prided ourselves on thinking up nice surprises for our Mum – choosing thoughtful gifts, laying out a beautiful spread for breakfast and generally trying to make the day really special.

Then, 4 years ago something changed.  I became a mummy.  Now it was my turn to be pampered and fussed over.  I used to have these great plans that my little girls would bring me breakfast in bed (when they are old enough obviously) and then we’d have a lovely day out, wherever I chose to go.  This was my day.

That isn’t exactly how things have worked out.  When I was a kid, Mothers’ Day was about my mum.  Sure, we’d pop in to our grandmothers’ houses to give them cards and gifts but most of the day was spent with our Mum at our house.  I always imagined that once I was a Mum the focus would shift to me.  Instead, Mothers’ Day is a delicate balancing act where I struggle to make sure that all the mothers in our family get their fair share of family time.

This year the plan is breakfast with my mother-in-law, lunch at home with my babies and then an evening meal with my mum. I’ll spend most of the day driving back and forth from other houses and will barely get a moment to myself.  Not exactly the relaxing mothers’ day that I was looking forward.  It probably sounds incredibly sulky and selfish, but I spend so long trying to make sure that everyone else gets what they want on Mothers’ Day that I end up feeling like I miss out.

So, when is it time to pass the torch to the new generation of mummys?  When do we say that the older generation have had their turn and it’s time to step aside?  When do I get my mothers’ day?

How do you handle mothers’ day?  Do you share the day or do you keep it all for yourself?  Or is it really not a big deal in your house?  Let me know in the comments below.

And whatever your plans are – Happy Mothers’ Day.

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