30 things for 30 years

We are fast approaching the day when I will break the big 3-0 barrier.  Yes, I know, I scarcely look old enough, but it’s true.  In all seriousness though, I’m actually quite looking forward to entering a new stage of my life.

My 20’s were a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  Highlights included getting married, buying my own home (kind of) and having my beautiful children, but the decade ended on an all-time low with the breakdown of my marriage and subsequent drama.

I think I’ll always look back on my 20’s as a time of searching.  I stumbled through life with no real plan, dealing with whatever hit me first and never really knowing who I wanted to be. I’ve felt like a complete failure for a lot of time and a bit of a fool for the rest.

I have a really good feeling that being 30 is going to suit me.  I’m much more confident now of who I am and who I want to be.  I’m well aware of my flaws and areas for development and am making some serious steps forward in fixing them.  I’ve developed my own sense of style and no longer spend all my time trying to be something I’m not.  I have a much better sense of my own self-worth, and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next ten years of my life.

To celebrate this momentous event in my life, I have decided to jump on the 30 things for 30 years band-wagon.  I’ve seen a few other people who’ve done similar things and it looks like a great way to make the most of the whole year, not just one day.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about I’m going to plan 30 different events, days out, trips,experiences to enjoy over the whole of this year.  Then I am going to write a blog post about each one as a lasting reminder of this very special year.  Some of these are ideas just for me, some I’ll share with friends and some will be spent with my children.

The ideas I have planned/booked already are:

1) Watch The Old Vic’s The Crucible at the cinema
2) Sing-a-long-a-Frozen
3) Olly Muirs in concert
4) Disney On Ice
5) Anything Goes
6) Chatworth Horse Trials
7) Chatsworth County fair
8) Chatsworth Friends Garden party
9) Chatsworth Christmas masquerade
10)  My actual birthday party
11) A night out at Bistro Live (in fancy dress, of course)
12) Alton Towers – In fancy dress
13) A family photo shoot
14) Spa day with my best friend
15) Outdoor theatre

As you can see, I haven’t quite made it to 30 things yet, but as it’s only March I have plenty
of time to come up with some other activities. I’m going to trawl Groupon and Wowcher regularly to look for affordable ideas for things to do.  I can’t wait to get started and share all of my adventures with you.

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