In the pipeline

I’ve had quite a nice day today.  My working day was cut short by a bit of snow, causing the school I work at to close.  I had a lovely relaxing evening with my little girls, eating yummy leftover Cottage Pie and introducing them both to Hannah Montana.

After the little ones were tucked up in bed I had a reasonably productive evening doing some tidying and organising projects.  I then decided to treat myself to a bit of a pamper evening, involving face masks, painting nails and watching an awful lot of “Rome”.

As I was painting I was also planning.  I’ve had loads of ideas for upcoming blog posts, including a couple of reoccurring series, which I’m going to tell you briefly about now.

Now, I’m not going to say that these are weekly/monthly posts, or in fact give them any sort of regular schedule. I think we all know that I’m not great at sticking to a blogging schedule, although I would like to try and get better at this in the future. Instead these posts will appear as and when the feeling takes me, but you will begin to notice some consistency in how the posts are presented.

My first idea is for a music post, based around what I’ve been listening to a lot that week. When I first started this blog, music played a huge part in it and I would regularly use song quotes as inspiration for my writing. In the future, when I notice that a particular song is appealing to me, for whatever reason, then I will write about it and use this to channel my feelings and emotions.

The second is based on a new family project. We recently became National Trust members (I’ll go into more detail on the hows and whys in my next post), and we’ve decided to try and visit as many of the National Trust properties as we can in the next year. Whenever we visit somewhere, I will take tons of photos and take you on a little tour, and give my reviews and recommendations. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful places England has on offer and sharing all of my adventures with you.

This lot should certainly keep me busy in the upcoming weeks and give me plenty to write about.  I’m really excited and can’t wait to get started. Keep your eyes peeled for the first update in the next couple of days.

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