Forget the bigger picture

I am really struggling at the moment with feeling really demotivated.  Is demotivated a word?  It is now.  For the purpose of this blog, demotivated is a word.  Roll with it.

At home or at work, I’m finding it so difficult to get into gear and get anything much done.  It’s getting quite depressing.

My house is a tip.  I think I can say that without the slightest hint of exaggeration.  There is so much clutter and just….well, stuff, all over the place that I sometimes feel I’m drowning under it all.  And whenever I look around me, my heart sinks at the sheer amount I have to do before I get the house looking the way I want it.

I’ve been trying this thing at work recently, where I break all of my large tasks down into really small pieces – filing one pile of paper at a time, clearing out one tray etc.  I find that this helps me to stay focussed on the task at hand, and as I am constantly rotating through tasks I don’t get bored.  I’m sure some people (who are much more controlled and disciplined than I am) would argue that this means I’m getting little bits of everything done, but never actually completing a task, but I find it just means I make tiny steps of progress without worrying about how far I have to go.  If I get too wrapped up in how big a job is, then I find other things to distract me.  Believe me, I can procrastinate for England.

This evening, I decided to try the same thing at home.  I started by writing myself a list of very small things that I wanted to do around the house this evening, making sure that I did one job in each room of the house.  I’m not kidding that these jobs are seriously small – the first one for example was “fill the sink”.

So I got started and within about 15 minutes I had crossed off my first 8 jobs, and had done a little bit of work in each room.  Now, to the casual observer there probably didn’t appear to be much difference to the state of the house, but to me I had achieved loads and that helped to keep me excited and motivated to keep going on round 2 around the house.

I was interrupted for a short while by a Skype chat with a friend, but it was a nice interruption so I really didn’t mind.  After a quick chat, it was back to business and I carried on with my chores.

I did get tempted to give up after I realised it was starting to get late, but I really wanted to write this post and to be able to say that I had actually completed all tasks for the evening.  So I didn’t give up.  Looking at the list, and looking forward to writing this post helped to keep me on track.  Which is a fabulous step forward for me.

So here it is – the finished job list – all crossed off except for writing this post and updating my journal for the day. It is really late (20 minutes past midnight) but I feel like I’ve had a really productive evening.  The jobs I completed this evening may be completely inconsequential to some people, but I think it’s better to do something small than nothing at all.

As I’ve been working, I’ve also been thinking of other posts I want to write, so before I go to sleep I’m just going to create a few draft posts with bullet points to remind me of what I wanted to say.  I usually find that I think of great ideas and then totally forget them when I want to write – not this time!

So now it’s time to play catch-up with the journal and then get some much needed shut-eye.  I’ve already started my to-do list for tomorrow.  Oh and because I love it so much, here is a picture of my journal – I feel like I’m writing some sort of historical record, rather than just what I had for tea this evening!

Night all x

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