Do you wanna build a snowman?

Are your little ones crazy about the Disney film “Frozen”?  Mine certainly are, even the little one, who will sit mesmerised anytime she sees it on the tv.  I’m pretty certain her first words will be “Let it Go”!

So imagine our utter joy last night when we got our own taste of a Frozen winter with some actual Christmas snow.  (We’ve debated this at great length and have decided that any snow which appears while the Christmas decorations are in place can be described as Christmas snow.

I know that the snow we experience in England is nothing like some other countries in the world, but as our weather is usually pretty mild and boring, it always takes us by surprise when we get a few inches over night (There is undoubtably an innuendo in there somewhere, but let’s move on!)

When we woke up this morning, the street outside was covered in a thick, fluffy blanket.  Doesn’t everything look so much prettier when covered in a sheet of snow?  Even the run-down town centre where I live seems to acquire a certain charm in this weather.

The only down side was that our precious babies had spent last night with the grandparents, so we weren’t there to see them experience the first snow of the year (or for Poppy – her first snow ever!) The thick snow drifts on the side streets also made it impossible to drive to pick them up, but we did get to see some lovely photos on Facebook.

We did go for a little walk around the town – just up to a picturesque church and back again.  We even saw a handful of squirrels and a genuine robin redbreast in the churchyard, which made me feel like I was walking through a Christmas edition of an Enid Blyton book!

By the afternoon, the snow had thawed just enough for us to go and collect the girls – with only a couple of dicey moments.  As I’m writing this, we are currently experiencing another minor blizzard, which hopefully means that there will be enough snow left for us to take the little ones sledging in the morning.  But for now, allow me to show you some (distinctly average) snow pictures from our neck of the woods…

A few from our rear window. My Dad even created an Olaf – much to Poppy’s delight. Anyone for a warm hug?

Have you had snow where you live?  Show us some pictures and we can compare snowmen!

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