Don’t put me in a box.

I used to love blogging.  I still do love the idea of blogging.  Sitting down on the computer and feeling the tippy-tappy of the keys under my fingers, to feel the words flowing out of my head and appearing on the screen.

But sometimes, I try too hard.  I over-think.  All of the guidance on how to write a good blog says that you should have a niche…a category that you fit in….a unique selling point.  I spent more time trying to put myself in a box with a specific label and I stopped writing.

I tried to think long and hard about what kind of blog I would like to be.  I love reading blogs on organisation and DIY, crafting and home decor.  I love watching vlogs on fashion and make-up. Reviews and tutorials.  I like reading reviews of books and music, films etc.  My tastes are diverse and wide-reaching….why should my blog be any different?

So I have come to one conclusion.  My blog is not about any one thing.  My blog is about me.  My family. My hopes. My fears. My successes and my failures. My blog is real.  And you will never know what the next post will be about.  But then again, neither will I! And hopefully that should just make it all the more exciting.

So keep your eyes peeled for my next post….whatever it might be.

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