Party Planning: A Star Is Born Baby Shower

My best friend is having a baby.  I may have mentioned this.  I may not.  I am now.  She’s due at the end of July – getting close!! Very near my birthday actually which is a fab day to have a baby as they obviously turn out so well! Ha!

Anyway, what is the least that a party-planner-in-training could do for the best friend a girl could ever have?  Throw the perfect baby shower!  Unfortunately, I was working on a low budget and so couldn’t go quite as extravagant as I would have liked – but I don’t think we did too badly.

Faith (the friend in question) is a born performer so I wanted to use this as my inspiration for the party theme.  I tried to tie it to something baby-related and thought of “A Star Is Born”

First thing first: Decorations.  The banners for the Poppy party had worked so well that I decided to try and use the same idea.  I cut out triangles of yellow card, holepunched each corner and threaded yellow ribbon through the holes.  Then I cut out the letters for the party name and stuck them on the triangles.  Voila! Job done!

Then I cut out little yellow stars and got Faith (yes, I made her work on her own party!) to sew them all together in a string.  They looked really cute hanging around the room.

We did our own buffet with lasagne, different salads, quiche, dips and lots of other yummy things.  I also made Cranberry and Orange cupcakes and Banoffee cupcakes (with the help of my sisters).  Everyone said how yummy the food was so I think it was a success.

The cake was a lemon sponge (as requested by the mummy-to-be), covered in pink fondant icing and then decorated with marzipan stars and a moon.  The gold shooting stars were taken from the christening cake for my eldest daughter, so I thought it was sweet to pass them down.

For entertainment, I created two quizzes.  First was a quiz where the plots of nursery rhymes had been turned into news headlines and the guests had to guess which nursery rhyme it was.  Some of them were really tricky and people really seemed to enjoy them.  Then I asked the soon-to-be grandparents to give me some secret information about Faith and her husband when they were babies.  I used the info to create a “Mummy or Daddy” quiz where people had to guess who each statement referred to.  It was really funny watching as people tried to work them out, and their surprise over the answers.

I also made “Wishes for Baby” cards, where people were supposed to write down the things they hoped the baby would be when she grows up – but I forgot to hand them out.  Boo!

All in all I think people enjoyed themselves and everything went very smoothly.  Hopefully, Faith did too.  She got some lovely gifts and it was a chance for lots of friends to come and catch up with each other and wish the new parents “Good Luck” .  Oh, and I never did find out if that cake was alright!

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