Too much information?

This blog is about my life.  My family.  Our adventures, our journeys and generally what we get up to on a day to day basis.  It contains some very personal information about myself and those who I care about.

We live in a modern age of social media and over-sharing.  I regularly put photographs of myself and my children on my Facebook profile for my family, friends and some casual acquaintances to see.

When I first started this blog I planned to use a pseudonym to hide my identity and to use false names for my husband and children.  I didn’t intend to show any photographs so as to maintain anonymity.  However, often as I am writing my posts I find that this hinders my writing.  If I truly want to be able to connect with my readers, I need to be honest and open with them.

We are constantly bombarded with warnings about internet safety – what we should share and what we should keep to ourselves.  The news is full of horrors stories of internet identity theft and children being targeted from their pictures on social media.  I am a concerned parent and I don’t ever want to do anything to risk the safety of my little girls.  But at the same time, I see other bloggers who share pictures and details of their families and have been doing so for years without incident.

So, I suppose I am asking you, how much is too much information?  Should we be careful what we share when we write our blogs or should we trust that the people who read are just interested in sharing our experiences?  I’m especially interested to hear from fellow bloggers who have made the choice to share or not share, and what affected their decision.  Have you had any experiences from sharing your personal lives – unpleasant or otherwise? 

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  1. Davia Gorman says:

    As a blogger and a beauty, makeup, beauty tech and product review junkie~

    I am guilty of the overshare! But in my own life experience has taught me to just go with it because there is no such thing as privacy anyways… If people are that interested there’s tons of ways to ” dig” for information anyways.

    I use what is relevant to what I am blogging or reviewing if it involves my life if not it doesn’t go in.

    Hope this helps~

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