Mi Vida Loca

“Mi Vida Loca over and over, Destiny turns on a dime
I go where the wind blows, You can’t tame a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life”

Mi Vida Loca – Pam Tillis

There I am, bopping along in my car, listening to the above song, when an idea for a blog post sprung into my head. It was a post about the current state of affairs in my life – the break-up, single parenthood and all the other chaos I deal with on a daily basis.  But I couldn’t quite find the right way to put things into words, until I was reading through some posts on other blogs and came across A Day in the Life of post on www.conversiondiary.com.  And then there was light… and this post was born.  I can’t really explain how crazy my life is…but I can show you:

5.30am: My alarm goes off.  The tone is currently set to Rise and Shine, taken from the Sofia the First album.  Past choices of Let It Go (from Frozen) and Katy Perry’s Roar have failed to do the trick.  This one is no better.  I hit the snooze button and quickly fall back asleep!

6:40am: I open my blurry eyes, realise I’ve slept an hour later than planned and crawl out of bed.  I stumble downstairs to feed the cats and apply enough make-up to stop looking like a zombie.

7:00am: Get in the car and drive 20 minutes to pick my girls up from their Grandma’s (my mother-in-law).  They stayed there last night to spend some time with their daddy.

7:22am: Arrive at Grandma’s.  Spend some time chatting with my mother-in-law about dance lessons, smoking habits and how the girls have been.  Awkwardly deflect a situation where my eldest daughter asks if I have a boyfriend!

7:45am: Grandma’s takes Princess #1 upstairs to get dressed for nursery while I try and keep the little one happen.

8:09am: Bundle children into car. Grandma and Freya run around the car, hiding from a dragon (or the cleaners – a Labyrinth reference) before I get her in the car as well.

8:11am: On the road again – this time on the journey back to our hometown for the nursery run.

8:22am: Stuck in traffic on the motorway, watching the petrol meter slowly tick down to zero, getting very tense indeed.

8:55am: Phew! – Safely arrive at nursery, running totally on fumes and bundle Freya in with minutes to spare.

9:10am: Keeping all fingers crossed, me and the Baby Princess head to the petrol station for an urgent re-fuelling.

9:20am: Finally back home to make some bottles up for the bottles and do the washing up.

9:30am: Prepare some sugarpaste with Gum Tragalaganth (or whatever the hell it is called) to get it ready for some attempted flower-making later this evening.

9:45am: Time for a quick nappy change ( for the baby, not me!) and then some tickles and giggles on the playmat.  Give her a rusk to munch on when she gets bored of mummy’s antics!

10:17am: Start putting away a humungous pile of ironed clothes while the little Princess plays in her cot.

10:45am: Fix the buggy board onto the back of the pushchair which took much longer than I thought as I had completely forgotten how to build it!

11:05am: Back to nursery to pick up Freya – she’s developed a mysterious red bump on her leg.  (She is the clumsiest child in history)

11:30am: Walked into the nearby town centre to do a spot of shopping. As we walked past a pub, Freya told me it was The Lion King Pub, where after dinner and dessert you get to meet the Lion King. Picked up supplies from the cake decorating shop and refrained from buying lots of things I didn’t need.

11:45am: Headed to the library to return an overdue book and avoid paying fees until after next payday!  Freya chose two more books and had a little play with children. (When she wasn’t reprimanding them for not listening to their mummies!).  Was very surprised when she left without a fight, when I asked her to!

12noon: Picked up lunch (at Freya’s request) or sausage rolls and cake from the bakery.  Walked home.

12:15pm: Ate our lunch at home.  The girls watched Sofia the First and Playdoh videos on Youtube.

12:30pm: Fed the cats (we have 4!) even though it wasn’t feeding time but I was sick of them pestering me.

12:55pm: Upstairs to finish putting those clothes away – I told you there was a lot of them.

1.22pm: Intended to tidy the bathroom but Freya decided she wanted to play in her room so instead we all headed up there.  I started to remake her bed until the baby started crying!

1.36pm: Back downstairs for a bottle and to rock the baby to sleep.

1.46pm: Baby Princess is finally asleep and so I can get back to making that bed.  Freya is messing up faster than I can clean!

1:58pm: Time to do my 15 minute clean of the bathroom.  Until I’m interrupted by Freya, who reminds me that I forgot to put a video on in her room.  Back to the bathroom, where it only takes me 10 minutes – success!

2:16pm: The next job on the list is the bedroom, but I don’t want to wake the baby so instead I do 15 minutes in the kitchen.  This may take more than 15 minutes…) Stick 24 on the TV in the background. Ok, so it may not be a massive transformation, but the counters are clear and most pots are washed.

2:35pm: 15 minutes in Living Room.  Very happy with the outcome.

2:53pm: I can hear the baby stirring so I get a bottle ready.

2:57pm: The Sky TV appears to be broken and is stuck on the Disney Junior channel. I’ve got no time to fix it now, but at least the girls are happy!

2:59pm: Restrain the baby in her chair to keep her out of mischief – it’s time to get ready for dance lessons! Mummy glams up a bit to keep up with the dance moms.

3:19pm: Change the baby and pack up a bag of urgent supplies.

3.25pm: Get my prima ballerina in her dance clothes and get her shoe bag ready.

3:30pm: Remember that today is the day I have to pay for the dance lessons so commence a frantic search for my cheque book, which I eventually find, somewhere, amidst the chaos!

3:45pm: Time to go until… Total meltdown.  A simple request that Freya puts her coat on escalates into total anarchy and I have to carry her up to her room, kicking and screaming, saying she won’t be attending lessons.  Then remember i have to go and pay or I don’t get a discount, so I go upstairs and (thankfully) she apologises and comes downstairs in a better mood.

4:17pm: Arrive at dancing, a couple of minutes late – both girls are fast asleep in the back of the car, so I wake them up, quickly put on Freya’s tap shoes and usher her into the class.

4:30pm: And relax! I get an hour to sit, have a cup of tea and a chat with the other mums, while Freya does her tap, ballet and freestyle lessons. Bliss.

6:00pm: Lessons over it’s time to head home to get ready for bed.

6.15pm: Get both girls in the house and make quick dinner for Freya (pasta shapes on toast).

6:30pm: The girls’ daddy arrives to read stories and put Freya to bed.

7:30pm: With both girls tucked up in bed, I set about on party preparations for Sunday.  First task – cover my fruit cake with marzipan.

8:00pm: My sisters arrive to assist with the preparations.  They make table centrepieces, while I bake a sponge cake.  The baby awakes and will not be comforted.  It takes all three of us, Calpol, baby food and a lot of silliness to get her to calm down.

10:00pm: I decide I’m really not happy with how the cake turned out – I decide to make another one.

10:15pm: I start making sugarcraft Poppies for the top of the cake.  I’ve never done them before but I’m really happy with the result.

11:00pm: The second cake is done, and I’m too knackered to care – It will have to do!

Midnight: All completely exhausted – that’s enough for tonight.  We crawl into bed and hope the baby won’t wake until morning!

**So, as you can see, it was quite a jam-packed day.  I’m sure I could possibly have fit more into the day, if I hadn’t occasionally stopped for a rest.  But with two more parties to plan, a new job to learn and a home to attend to (not to mention the perils of little Princesses), I don’t envision things quietening down anytime soon.  Mine might be a crazy life, but I don’t think this is exactly what Pam had in mind.  And I don’t think I’ll be anyone’s Wild Rose for quite a while!!

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