Parties, past times and prima ballerinas!

Wow – what a hectic week.  I literally feel like I have not had a second to catch my breath.

I started back at work this week.  I chose to end my maternity leave early as my boss is leaving in the summer and so we need to do some sort of handover.  It was a very big shock to the system to have to get myself dressed, get the girls to their respective childcare and get to the office in time to get stuck in, but I just about managed it.

Princess #1 starred in her very first dance show this week.  I went to watch on both nights to support her, and despite some nerves (on my behalf – not hers) she was absolutely fabulous. She did a routine in ballet, tap and freestyle and I was really impressed with how much of the routines she had remembered – she is only 3!  She looked so adorable in her little ballerina costumes and her ladybird costume and looked so teeny tiny on that huge stage.  I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I shed more than a few tears of pride.  I don’t have any pictures at the moment, but as soon as I get some I will share, if possible.

In the middle of all of the dance show excitement, she also had a party to go to.  I’m not really a kids party fan (I don’t think many parents truthfully are) but the entertainment was brilliant and really well placed for a child audience.  The kids had loads of fun playing party games and doing silly dances, and the parents got to sit back with a quick beverage and watch it all.

Finally, on Sunday it was time for some Mummy-based activities, so I dropped the girls off with their Nana and headed to The Nottingham Vintage Fair with some friends.

I was expecting to be overwhelmed with the temptation to buy a zillion vintage dresses and little trinkets, but I must admit I was a little disappointed at the choice on offer.  I found that the trouble with vintage is that it while you might find something you like, can afford and fits you, those three things might not all go together.  Looking at some of the vintage experts walking around it became clear that I have neither the determination, funds or the nerve to wear full vintage, all of the time.  I think people who look like they stepped out of a 1950’s magazine look fabulous, but they also stand out and sometimes I just want to blend in.

The day wasn’t a complete bust though.  I did get a lovely cup of Earl Grey and some lemon drizzle cake and also picked up a very cute milk jug and sugar bowl to complete my mis-matched tea set.

We also stopped off at a little charity shop and I found this lovely dress for Princess #2 (well, for when she’s older – it’s a bit too big at the moment).

So I had a lovely day and a very busy, but exciting week, but now I am looking forward to putting my feet up and maybe making myself a cup of tea with my new milk jug.

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