Random Moments of Delight – Weekly Challenge #1

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So, for Day 22 of the Zero to Hero challenge, you had to find other blog challenges to enter.  I searched through the blogging events and found a few that I wanted to take part in and there will be more on those in the next few days.

The first one that caught my eye though was Random Moments of Delight hosted by Meghan at Firebonnet.com

The basic idea is that we have to pick one moment each week that delighted us.  This week for me it was easy.  I heard my baby daughter laugh for the first time.

She’s about 5 months old and we’ve had the odd little chuckle up until now.  But on Friday night, out of nowhere, she let out a total belly laugh! It was the most beautiful sound ever.  And it was even more wonderful as it was totally spontaneous.  I didn’t have to dance around or pull silly faces.  And then she did it again.  It was completely contagious – before long everyone in the room was laughing.

And I’m still smiling now thinking about it.  I think I’ll struggle to beat this one!

So, I hope that meets the criteria. I particularly like this challenge, because it ties in with my ambition to think positively.  I look forward to discovering what delights me next week.


  1. Meghan aka FireBonnet says:

    Stacey, what an amazing moment to share. I have tears in my eyes with joy in your delight, and in my own memories of my two boys’ first laughs. Thank you so much for joining my challenge, I can’t wait to hear more of your moments of delight and stories of that sweet laughing girl.

    • sbunny85 says:

      Thanks. I love your challenge. It’s great to think of the beautiful moments in life. She’s not being quite so delightful at the moment though – teething!

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