Sew Simple? I don’t think sew!

So, today was the big day.  My first ever dress-making course – “A Dress in a Day!” A bit ambitious for someone who has only ever made a cushion cover and a drawstring bag? Err…probably.  Fun? Definitely.

My pattern all cut out and ready to sew

Me and my friend Ruth turned up at The Textile Workshop in Nottingham, with absolutely no idea what to expect.  We were presented with a (supposedly) simple pattern and proceeded to cut fabric, pin hems and sew our little hearts out.

Deep concentration

I’ve discovered I definitely need to work on my precision, and my speed, as I was no where finished at the end of the class and my handiwork was a little shoddy.  Ruth on the other hand has almost finished and it looked really good – actually wearable – unlike my sack!

However, I shall not be disheartened and fully intend to find another pattern to try, now I sort of have an idea what I’m supposed to be doing!

To see some more photos, check out my Instagram photos – I’m trying to make sure I take more regular photos, to keep up-to-date with my adventures


  1. delightfullypeculiar says:

    The good thing with these classes is that even if you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you will have always learned some tips that will make the next project better. I find them very helpful! Good luck with the next one. xx

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