The Easter Weekend Review – Take Two!


The start of our Easter hunt

I love Christmas.  The sights, the sounds, the traditions.  I love decorating the house and making everything beautiful and festive.  I love exchanging gifts and spending time with the family.

Wait a minute, Stacey – It’s March – Why the hell are you talking about Christmas?

Well, as I was saying… I love Christmas.  But it only comes once a year!

It seems to me that we need more excuses to deck the halls, eat lots of delicious treats and shower our families with love…and presents!!!

In our house, we’ve decided that Easter is the new Christmas.  I plan to spend as much time and effort (although hopefully not money) on celebrating this Spring holiday as I would in December.

I imagine this will take a few years to take off – you have to build these things up slowly – but I think we made a very good start with our Easter celebrations this year.  We even put up some Easter decorations, including a “Hoppy Easter” banner and our Easter tree!

Easter 2

My lovely Easter tree

The Easter holidays in our region are mental this year, in the best possible way.  To begin with we had a long Bank Holiday weekend from Friday to Monday for the actual Easter weekend.  Then, after just four days back in school, we get another two weeks off work!  I would like to start a petition to repeat this every year!   Four day weeks are definitely the way forward.

We started off on Good Friday with a trip to Chatsworth – the first this year! We treated ourselves to afternoon tea (as usual) in the beautiful Cavendish restaurant and all enjoyed tucking into our sandwiches and cakes! Yummy!


Chatsworth in Spring

Baby Bug had been encouraged to sit nicely during dinner with the promise of a trip to see the “an’mals” in the Farm, so imagine my horror to discover that there was a 45min to 1 hour queue to get in.  A quick trip to the house and gardens showed similarly lengthy queues.  It was with heavy hearts that we conceded defeat and headed back to the car.  Luckily, Bug was pacified by waving at the sheep that were grazing the fields – she’s easily pleased!

Saturday was a quiet day in the house apart from a child’s birthday party at an indoor play area.  I’ll spare you the details, because..well, they’re boring.

easter 1

Easter Sunday at the in-laws

On Easter Sunday, we all headed for a delicious lunch with the in-laws.  The kids were completely spoiled with gifts from their Grandma and Aunty and Uncle, and I ate my own body weight in pre-dinner snacks!


Is this not the coolest Easter “Egg” ever?!

On Easter Monday I held my first ever Easter Egg hunt around the house.  It took Bug a little while to get into the swing of it, but soon both girls were charging around the house stuffing their treat bags full of chocolate (like we needed more!)  We all had a great time and I hope it becomes a firm family tradition.


The treasure at the end of the hunt.

In the afternoon we went to the cinema to watch a theatre version of E.Nesbit’s “The Railway Children”.  It was filmed at the railway museum and was a truly beautiful performance.  The use of the stage was really imaginative – it even included the real steam train from the classic movie!


Pre-show hot chocolate!

I may have gotten a little emotional at the end – Roberta’s “It’s my Daddy!” gets me every time!  When Moogle reached over and held my hand it just made me worse!  It’s a good job I was in a public cinema or I’d probably have been blubbing like a baby!

It was a very hectic but lovely weekend and the best part is – there are lots more adventures to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully I’ll get time to share some of them with you.

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