A Weekend Review

Wow! What a weekend.

It was amazing and exhausting – I can’t remember the last time I was this crazy busy – I hardly sat down.

I’m apologising in advance for the fact that this post is very Chatsworth heavy.  Yes, I know I have some sort of addiction but I should probably point out I am not secretly paid by Chatsworth to write lovely things.

The weekend kicked off in style with the Friends of Chatsworth Garden party, a special event held each year for the people who have Chatsworth membership cards.  I’ve been a couple of times now, and it’s such a pleasant evening.

garden party

The weather this year was perfect. Warm enough to sit outside comfortably without burning in the sun.  For the first time I pre-ordered a picnic selection rather than arranging my own.  It was like a miniature afternoon tea, with sandwiches, quiche, crudités and delicious lemon tart for dessert. It was so yummy and the best part was I didn’t have stacks of rubbish and washing up to sort out when I got home.

At the party there are live brass bands to dance to (they won over my girls with “Let it Go”), children’s entertainment (although Moogle was very upset that the balloon man didn’t pay us a visit) and the evening is ended with a stunning fireworks display.

The girls were so well behaved and managed to stay up for the whole evening. At home I tucked too sleepy, but happy little girls into bed.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Pride & Prejudice Summer Ball, once again at Chatsworth (I warned you there would be a pattern).  I went a couple of years ago, but I was heavily pregnant at the time and so couldn’t have a nice dress.  This time, though, a very good friend (ridiculously good) made me a beautiful emerald green gown.  I felt like a princess (when trying not to see the similarities to Fiona from Shrek).


The ball was amazing.  It started with champagne and canapés in Chatsworth’s famous Painted Hall, there was a quick tour around the North Wing of the house and then a magnificent four-course meal.  The food at Chatsworth events is always spectacular and this time was no different.  Then it was time for my favourite part.  The dancing. The Jane Austen Regency Dancers come up from Bath and give a short demonstration of their dances before inviting the guests to join in and have a go.  The best thing about the Summer Ball (other than the stunning setting, of course) is that all of the guests are so friendly and really get into the spirit of the event.  It seems a bit strange getting up and dancing at first, but by the end of the evening everyone is joining in and even swapping dance partners – it feels like a real Regency ball.

Also on Saturday and Sunday, Moogle took part in her third youth theatre production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid Jnr”.  On Sunday it was my turn to go and watch her perform and I was so impressed.  I really noticed the improvements she had made since her last show – she was much better at remembering the routines than before and she was really performing.  The weekend ended on the best possible note when she was named Star of the Term from her class and won a little teddy bear and bar of chocolate.  She was thrilled and I couldn’t have been more proud.


So yes, the weekend was crazy busy.  Yes, I’m completely exhausted.  But I really wouldn’t change a moment.  There were some good memories made this weekend.    I’ve got another busy weekend coming up – let’s hope I don’t burn out.

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