New Directions (nothing to do with Glee)

So, it’s been a while….

Now, if you read any articles on the etiquette of blog writing, most of them will instruct you never to mention the fact that you haven’t posted for a while.  Whoops.

But you see, the fact that I haven’t been blogging recently is kinda relevant to this post. So I’m mentioning it.

I haven’t blogged since Easter.  That seems like ages now. So much has happened, I’ve been really busy.  Most of all, I’ve been conflicted.  I became very confused with what my blog was, where I wanted it to go and how I wanted to move forward.  I became more and more panicked and uncertain and eventually, I just…. stopped.

This blog started its little life as an outlet.  A way for me to offload all of the deep, dark thoughts that I maybe didn’t want everyone to see.  I decided to use it as a kind of counselling.  I knew I wanted to talk to somebody about what was going on in my head, but I didn’t want to share those thoughts with the people I knew.

I very deliberately selected the people who I trusted with the knowledge they would read in these posts and hid it from the rest of my friends and family.  I never promoted anything on my personal social media and didn’t even mention the fact that I’d written anything at all.

Then one day, I decided I wanted to go to the next level.  I chose to create some blog-specific social media accounts and begin to promote and network in an attempt to turn my blog into something…more.

And that’s where the problems started.  Suddenly, people I knew were liking instagram posts I didn’t know they could see.  And following my blog-only Twitter account.  Even my Grandma liked a Facebook post, when I hadn’t even told her where to find the page.  And that scared me a bit.  Suddenly all these secret, personal things that I had felt and written about were out there in the open, where anyone can see them.

It’s funny, but when  you have a little corner of the internet that only people you don’t know read, you kind of forget that the people you do know can read it to.  That might be friends, family, colleagues…. Would they understand what you’d written?  Would it make them sad?  Would it offend them?

I thought for a while that my blogging days may be over.  If I couldn’t keep it private, then I couldn’t do it at all.  So I stopped posting.  No Twitter, Instagram…. I just faded into the background.

I missed it.

So I decided to find a new path.  It is inevitable in this modern era that people may eventually find this blog.  You can’t really hide when putting things out there on the web.

I reached the conclusion that I should definitely still blog.  I love it.  It brings me real joy and excitement, like nothing I’ve really known before.  But it will no longer be a journal-style, spill all my secrets,

Instead it will be an personal, honest, interesting (hopefully) account of the life of a single woman, with two children, who does Burlesque dancing, works full time, loves to bake, wishes she could sew and spends far too much time planning things instead of actually doing them.

But every post will be written with the knowledge that anyone could read it…my mum, my Nanna, my boss….so if I’m prepared to write it, I’d better be prepared for anybody to read it.

I hope you all like the new style – there’s a good chance you won’t even notice the difference.  And I hope to interact more with the community – to get to know people better and learn from them.

It’s good to be back…


  1. ejfrostuk says:

    Bravo for taking such a brave stance! I didn’t let my family read my writing for decades. My stories are full of sex and violence and I thought they’d be horrified. Then i published a novel and couldn’t hide it anymore. My mother (who never read a scifi novel before reading mine) has become my biggest fan. She reads everything I write, calls me to talk about it, critiques my novels. It’s amazing. Give your family the chance to be amazing. I hope you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I have been!

    • Stacey says:

      Thank you. I haven’t directly shown them the blog yet, but I have started drip feeding it out to my nearest and dearest – so it won’t be long before they see it. I hope they’re as supportive (and understanding) as your mum clearly is. Thanks for commenting. x

      • Somebody's Dad says:

        From a perspective of “Somebody’s Dad” I might offer some words of elderly wisdom. I’m sure if or when your own dad finally happens across your blog (by complete chance or subtle design), and should he then decide to go back to the very first blog and read it from ‘cover to cover’ metaphorically speaking, I’m sure your dad would experience a variety of emotions. Great sadness that you have been feeling the way you do but i’m sure putting a brave face on for the family; sadness that he hasn’t caught on to how you are feeling and stepped in to protect his daughter as only dads can, and must. He will most likely suffer the common parental concern that they have deeply let you down, because all parents do for all their life is stand by with the cotton wool, waiting to frantically wrap their loved ones up as and when necessary. He will be naturally reluctant to tell you that he has discovered your blog (or unwittingly been led to it) as he wouldn’t want to burden you with any thoughts of guilt at writing things that may sadden or offend them.(I assume being a Dad, you could never offend him anyway). I’m sure he will be relieved that you have found a positive outlet for your darker thoughts. I’m guessing that you have inherited a little of your parents’ sense of humour whilst developing an eloquent, honest and sincere writing style of your own, and I would imagine that any dad would be concerned that you would feel forced to change your style or water down your content if you knew your family were reading it. So maybe he has been reading for quite a while and said nothing. And maybe he actually enjoys reading your perspective on life, but doesn’t want to change the status quo by letting on? Its a difficult decision for any parent to make, from the day that they find their child’s first diary – do they read it and then discuss the contents with their offspring and destroy all semblance of trust, or just read on in some sort of voyeuristic silence? I wouldn’t worry too much about it, I’m sure it will all work out for the best. So don’t change too much – despite what you might think, your parents will be more than happy with the real you. Keep up the good work.

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